Ancestors with a Dream

12′ high sculpture on 4′ tall pedestal. Each side is different including both the Sicilian men and women who harvested sugar cane. Over 60,000 were recruited from 1870-1920 to work in Louisiana. Today over 1 million can trace their heritage to a Sicilian ancestor of that era.

In order to create lasting memories, you must first pave the way.

With a brick or paver at The Great River Road Museum, you have a unique opportunity to create a lasting tribute to the Sicilians immigrants who exemplify the American dream. Their dedication to Faith, Family, and Hard Work enabled following generations to achieve education and success.

We offer pavers in three different size options that will be installed in the garden connecting the Great River road Museum to Houmas House and Garden.

Your commemorative brick or paver will honor grandparents, parents, children, friends, and other inspirational leaders and organizations for generations to come.

While we are fundraising, a scale model of the monument will be on display at Houmas House. Orders for bricks will be placed in groups of 10. This allows you to see your brick on display during the fundraising drive.

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The monument will be located at a prominent spot at Houmas House & Garden, where many Sicilians had their first job during the 1870-1920 recruitment and migration from Sicily.

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Order your brick

Bricks come in three sizes:

1. 8″ x 4″ for $200.00

2. 8″ x 8″ for $500.00

3. 12″ x 12″ for $1,000.00

The Monument to the Immigrant in New Orleans along the Mississippi is a former project of the Federation, St. Joseph’s Marching Society, American-Italian Cultural Center, and many

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The Monument to Sicilian Sugar Cane Harvester to be located in the Gardens of Houmas House behind the Great River Road Museum.

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2021 St. Joseph’s Jazz at the Great River Road Museum/ Houmas House. We hope to have an Jazz Concert event every April. The monument will face the stage of the amphitheater.

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Each side is different

Attention to detail

From 60,000 immigrations to millions today.

American- Italian Federation Christmas Luncheon

Houmas House and Garden is decorated for Christmas with the Green, White, and Red Oak Tree. The Christmas Celebration features the Baton Rouge Symphony. We are working with the 30,000 square foot Great River Road Museum to tell the story of the 60,0000 Sicilian Sugar Cane Harvesters from 1870-1930 in Louisiana.

Houmas House is the perfect place to tell the story of the contributions of the Sicilian Immigrant

The American-Italian Federation of the Southeast was founded in 1972 as an umbrella organization to represent all Italian-American organizations in Southeast America at the National Level. This includes the Conference of Presidents of Major Italian-American Organizations (COPOMIAO), the National Italian American Foundation(NIAF), the Italian Sons and Daughters of America (ISDA). We are grateful to the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy (OSDI) for organizing the 2019 recognition by Mayor Cantrell of Italian contributions to New Orleans.

We work with the local organizations to promote their events and develop the next generation of Italian-American Leaders.